Manish Goyal has 4 divisions….One is Chartered Accountancy division which is done in firm name Manish Goel & Co…. Second is Broadcasting Channel Division which runs Broadcast Channel/page at this website in which news and research reports related to capital markets are published… This website is property of Manish Goyal Broadcasting Channel Division…. Third division is Manish Goyal Research Analyst Division in which Manish Goyal in his capacity as a Sebi Registered Research Analyst (Reg. No. INH100004775) publishes Equity Research Reports in Manish Goyal Broadcasting Channel…. Fourth Division is Manish Goyal Vipassana Meditation/Astrology Services division, in which Mr Manish Goyal in his capacity as a Spiritual Teacher gives Vipassana Meditation lessons and Astrology Consultancy to his meditation course/astrology subscribers.