This is another Multibagger with potential to multiply 10 times in 2-3 years…Buy Swiss Glasscoat (BSE 522215).. CMP 38.60… Target 100 in 2-3 months.. I hold the stock.

Posted by Manish Goyal on Thursday, April 3, 2014

I invested 15% of my total portfolio in Swiss Glascoat at 38 rs in 2014…. In 2020, Its price touched 1,900 rs…. Yes, it multiplied 50 Times in just 6 years…. some time ago, this company changed its name to HLE Glascoat… After researching this company, I found that its fundamentals were very strong and its management was very transparent… It seemed to me that it is trading at extremely cheap valuations compared to its real potential… and exactly in line with my prediction, it multiplied 40 Times in next 6 Years…. It is 5th stock out of my total 8 suggested stocks, which multiplied more than 20 Times !!… Other 4 are Chaman Lal Setia, KPR Mills, Mold Tek Packaging and Maithan Alloys…. That means more than 50% of my suggested stocks multiplied more than 20 Times… Happy Long Term Investing Friends

Why I bought Swiss Glascoat (HLE Glascoat) and Why it Multiplied 50 Times !!