This is another Multibagger with potential to multiply 10 times in 2-3 years…Buy Swiss Glasscoat (BSE 522215).. CMP 38.60… Target 100 in 2-3 months.. I hold the stock.

Posted by Manish Goyal on Thursday, 3 April 2014

Above Stock Swiss Glasscoat (new name HLE Glasscoat) Multiplied 78 Times and touched 7500 Rs in 2020 from 38 Rs in 2014 !! Just 10 Lacs invested in this stock in 2014 became 20 Crores in 2021 !!

Past Performance till 2021 (Based on Peak price touched after Buy call of Manish Goyal, research analyst)

Buy Call at Mold Tek Packaging at 19 (taking 2:1 split into factor)Multiplied 22 times in 7 yrs
Buy Call at KPR Mills at 60 (taking 2:1 split into factor)Multiplied 17 times in 7 yrs
Buy Call at Flex Foods at 29Multiplied 6 times in 4 yrs
Buy call at Chaman Lal Setia at 5.5 (taking Split & Bonus into factor )Multiplied 41 times in 4 yrs
Buy call at Maithan Alloys at 33 (taking 1:1 Bonus into factor)Multiplied 33 times in 4 yrs
Buy Call at Swiss Glascoat at 38Multiplied 78 times in 7 yrs
Buy call at Haldyn Glass at 11Multiplied 5 times in 4 yrs
Buy call at Swasti Vinayak Synthetics at 3Multiplied 7 times in 2 yrs

Original Screenshots of All Buy Calls of Mr Manish Goyal are provided at ‘Previous Calls Snapshot‘ Page.